How to Save Money on Your Electric Bill

Usually the standard is enough air circulation and plenty of light from the sun, beside a healthy house, no less important to think about how you can save some money on your electric bill.

1. Placed space and window position: use as much light from the sun as you can, we do not need to turn the light source in the room during the day, try to keep all of the room getting sunlight through the layout and the right window position, if it’s too much you can always use a tinted glass.

2. Choosing Paint Color For Your Wall: Color choice for your wall can affect the brightness inside the house, bright color will really help save money on the electric bill, and you can use it on the wall, floor, and ceiling.

3. Lighting: put the light as close as possible to your work desk. That way you’ll only need a small amount of electric powered lights because of the closeness to the target lamp. The lights are arranged so that they`ll create a more interesting atmosphere of the room, a small room for example will look longer, higher if arranged with a dynamic and strong lights. A relaxed atmosphere can be created with wall lights.

Tai Pham
GT Landscape & Construction

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